It is utterly crazy loosing faith in humanity, I swear. It makes us feel as a piece of shit. Ironically I am deeply grateful with the Universe for let me feel it because when I discovered myself completely lost in darkness I started to look for subtle lights that became brigther and bigger as I got closer.

It is obviously not easy to discover beauty in all this mess (actually, I still cry sometimes reading the newspapers and watching videos of NGO in Social Media… something that always makes me wonder if I am really as strong as I think but, anyway, I guess that makes me human), but it is possible. People teach me everyday without even knowing they are doing it… and that is absolutely awesome.

I certantly know I am not the only one who have felt desesperated and outraged and not either the only one who ask again and again which is the meaning of life. So I certantly know I am not alone… Listen to me: There are infinite possibilities to make this world a better place and all around the world there is too much love in the air. ¡Sharpen your senses and spread love!

Be fair. Forgive. Be kind. Release. Be smart. Share good. Be curious. Empathize. Be humble. Smile. Be strong. Read more. Be better. Listen out. Be you, trust, love…


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